Police say latest Pueblo homicide is gang related

Police say latest Pueblo homicide is...

PUEBLO, Colo. - Early Sunday morning Francisco Alcon was shot and killed in a home on Pueblo's east side. 

Pueblo Police say they believe the shooting was gang related.
"It wasn't about initiation or shooting a rival gang member or anything like that. But the actors may have been involved are members of gangs," said Capt. Kenny Rider with the Pueblo Police Department. 

This is one of eight homicides in Pueblo this year, but the only that has been gang related.

But former gang member, Mark Salazar, said neighborhoods like the one where the homicide happened still sees gang violence on a daily basis.
"The behavior as far as the drive bys happening here, the shots fired at night, I mean, that's kind of like, you sit back and you kind of brush it off so to speak," Salazar said.

The suspect is 15-year-old Johnny Dennel Jr., an age that even Salazar says is young for the gang lifestyle.

"You get kicked out of school, you get kick out of Lucero library, you get kicked out of here or there and it's kind of like, well, the only people that are around are the streets to embrace them," Salazar said.

He said the only way to stop this is by acting early and preventing young kids from joining gangs.

"We're more of a reactive community. We react as opposed to being proactive," Salazar said.

He said this is a community problem that needs a community solution.

Police are still looking for Dennel. He is facing second degree murder charges.

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