5 Things To Know in the Colorado Legislature

Proposals inspired by last year's devastating floods and fires are expected to be a prime topic for discussion this year. The Senate Local Government Committee starts work Tuesday on two disaster bills. One would allow county governments more flexibility to use tax dollars to repair roads and bridges after a flood. The other would add payments to the survivors of a seasonal wildland firefighter employed by the state or a local government and killed in the line of duty.
Lawmakers aren't expecting to consider any big changes to Colorado's 2013 civil unions law for same-sex couples. However, a bill tweaking state tax code to accommodate same-sex joint filers is up for debate in the Senate this week.
A top priority this year for lawmakers and the Governor's Office is making college more affordable. The Senate Education Committee starts work Thursday on a bill to add $100 million to public colleges and universities and lower the annual tuition hike cap from 9 percent to 6 percent.
Lawmakers debate a proposal to move the Safe2Tell program to the Attorney General's Office, and ensure state funding instead of relying on donations. The program gives students a way to text or phone in threats or suspected violence or bullying. On Thursday, the Senate Education Committee will vote on the proposal, which has bipartisan support.
The Legislature is taking Monday off in observance of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

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