Poll suggests Coloradans favor passenger rail over other mass transit options

DENVER - A poll commissioned by the Colorado Passenger Rail Association finds that Coloradans would rather invest in commuter rail service than commuter bus service if a transportation tax increase were to pass. 

If passed, House Bill 17-1242 is projected to generate $700 million for new transportation infrastructure in Colorado.

The poll, which was conducted by Denver-based Keating Research, asked the following questions:

  1. If a $700 million dollar sales tax increase for transportation is approved by voters, do you favor or oppose using seven percent of the funding, or about $50 million dollars annually, to build out a passenger rail system linking the Front Range cities of Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo?
  2. When it comes to expanding public transportation in Colorado, do you think we should increase funding to expand commuter bus service or to expand commuter rail service?

The Keating survey found that 61% of Coloradans favor setting aside $50 million a year to build a passenger rail system along the front range. 34% opposed the idea.

60% of those polled said they favor expanding commuter rail service, while 22% said they favor expanding commuter bus service.

A news release from the office of Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace asserts that the tax increase is more likely to pass if it includes Front Range passenger rail. 

It's important to note that the survey did not ask whether Coloradans support the tax increase, only how they would like to see the money spent if it were to pass.




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