Vice President Joe Biden visits Pueblo

"Colorado we need you!"

PUEBLO, CO - 1,200 hundred people attended Vice President Joe Biden's rally in Pueblo Saturday afternoon.

We're in the homestretch of the election and Biden told Pueblo he needs Colorado.

"Colorado we need you. If we win Colorado we win this election," said Biden.

He brought up the debate he had against Rep. Paul Ryan. He said President Obama has brought more jobs and will continue to do so.

"Regardless of what Romney tells you, Obama saved the auto industry and saved  million jobs and is creating 200,000 more jobs," said Biden.

He mentioned President Obama ending the war in Iraq.  He also touched up women's rights, which sparked a great reaction from the crowd.

"When it comes to women's rights, I want to be perfectly clear about something, my daughter, granddaughters and Obama's daughters should be entitled to every right that my sons have, no exception," Biden.

He wrapped up his speech promising the American people President Obama would fight for them.

"I give you my word, I know this guy. I've watched this guy make critical decisions. He has confidence in you and confidence in the American people," said Biden.

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