A pot shop in Pueblo County is fighting to keep its water supply.

Marisol therapeutics uses a private supplier to water its marijuana plants. Marisol's owner, Michael Stetler, says he only has a week's worth of water left before he runs out.

He says he got a notice from the water company on Sunday (5/11/14) saying it won't accept payments from Marisol because marijuana is against federal law.

Marisol Therapeutics is in the process of building six more greenhouses to grow weed. So the company needs to make sure it will have a water supply.

"I think they should look at it a little more carefully and a little more open minded and get more educated about what's going on, instead of jumping to conclusions and saying we're going to federal law and we're going to shut you down,” said Stetler.

Stetler says the private water company is meeting on Friday (5/16/14) to decide whether it will actually stop supplying water to Marisol. 

Pueblo County Commissioner Chairman Terry Hart said he wasn’t certain if the board has any authority in private water negotiations. On Tuesday, commissioners asked their water attorney, Ray Petros, to look into what jurisdiction the county, as a licensing body, has in water conflicts.

The meantime, Stetler said he’s already looking for other water suppliers. He says he’s had several phone calls and emails offering to help him find water.