Pueblo citizen's group attempts to take justice in their own hands

Citizen's group tries to take justice into their own hands

PUEBLO, Colo. - A Pueblo man was chased 15 blocks, then tackled to the ground, but it wasn't police hunting the man, it was a group of neighbors.

They call themselves the American Indian Movement.  On Sunday, Rudy Reddog led a mission to capture a neighborhood man they thought was a bad guy.  He says someone spotted him in a park.

They thought the man raped a girl and exposed himself to another girl. 

"We are proud as a community to stand with our east side brothers and sisters, our mothers, our fathers, our grandmothers and grandfathers, to stand up against bullying and sexual abuse in our community," said Reddog.

"The other neighbors started to notice him, they all started pointing to him, then the girls in the neighborhood said, 'Yes, that's him, that's the one,' and when they said that, (we) took off running," said Reddog.  "As we tackled him, we waited for police to come because all the neighbors were watching and called police."

Police said Reddog got belligerent and arrested him, identifying him as 36-year-old Radolpho Balles. 

As for the man Reddog was chasing, police don't believe he's a person of interest in any ongoing cases and let him go. 

"That party isn't a sexual predator, never has been reported as one and is cooperating with us," said Pueblo Chief Andrew McLachlan.

Reddog said police aren't doing enough and that's why his group is stepping in.  But police say that is not true.

"If we find something to put someone in jail, we're doing it," said McLachlan.

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