Pueblo community concerned about Corwin job loss

Pueblo community concerned about Corwin job loss

PUEBLO, Colo. - After the announcement from St. Mary Corwin CEO Mike Cafasso confirming that the hospital is restructuring and losing a third of its employees and restructuring, people in Pueblo are anxious.


"That's 300 jobs that now we don't have, so that kind of sucks, and, like, Pueblo's already so downhill that all it's going to do is make it worse," said Anthony Mancuso, a Pueblo resident. 


"Like, we don't have enough unemployment in this city. This is probably one of the worst cities," said Janie Caligaris, a Pueblo resident.

City Council President, Chris Nicoll said he is shocked by the news.

"Only having certain services offered by one hospital -- we need to really address that and see if there's other health care providers that could come in and fill that gap," Nicoll said.


Parkview Medical Center, the closest competitor in Pueblo, is already at capacity.

"I mean, Parkview isn't going to be able to pick up the slack and be able to get all these health care professionals, so we're going to be losing vital families and assets to our community because they have nowhere else to go," said Khannah Ditkof, a Pueblo resident.

Parkview administrators said that, because the announcement is so recent, they don't know what's next for them, but they will use the next two months to put a plan in place.

Until there is a solid plan to manage the health care needs in the city, Nicoll said the focus needs to be on job creation.

"I think we really have to focus on our young people that are coming out of our schools and how do we retain that so we don't have that brain drain," Nicoll said.

Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of time. Changes begin at St. Mary Corwin on May 7.

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