Pueblo County has lowest DUI arrests, police don't have the resources to patrol

Pueblo County has lowest DUI arrests...

PUEBLO, Colo. - Drunk driving is a problem everywhere. But in Pueblo County, it turns out fewer people are doing it, or at least getting caught.

According to data from just released by a Colorado law firm that specializes in DUI defense, Pueblo County has the lowest DUI arrest rate in the state.

The logical reason qould seem to be increased awareness and enforcement. But that's not the case for the Pueblo Police.

"We're not enforcing as much, just based on manpower issues," said Pueblo Police Capt. Kenny Rider.


He said the department has shifted some officers because of increased calls for service and staffing issues, decreasing DUI patrols. But that doesn't mean no one is watching.

"We still expect all of our patrol officers to handle DUIs when they see them," Rider said.

Based on the clients coming in his door, attorney Rudy Reveles said he's not seeing a decrease in DUI patrols.

"I think the police are being very aggressive, in my opinion, of traffic laws, specifically DUI," Reveles said.

Whether this new data paints a clear picture of the drunk driving situation in Pueblo County or not, the creators hope it prompts state and local municipalities to take a different approach to curb the problem of driving under the influence.

To see where your county ranks, visit the interactive map here.


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