PUEBLO, Colo. -

A new marijuana grow operation in Pueblo County will focus solely on helping a Denver business.

Denver Kush Club has been given permission to build a facility on Highway 96 west of Pueblo State Park to help keep up with growing demand for retail marijuana sales up north.

"There's a limited amount of space in the state where you can have recreational grows," said Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace.

Pace said, that unlike Pueblo County, El Paso County allows for some medicinal grows but no recreational grows.

Some companies in the Denver area are stuck in a situation in which they've maxed out their indoor grows and need somewhere for an outdoor grow -- with no reasonable option nearby.

"There's two or three strictly grow operations here in Pueblo for sale up north," said Pace.

Pace said the big difference between approving a grow operation versus a medicinal marijuana or retail operation is that the area can get much of the economic benefit with fewer complaints from the public.

"You're not going to see the foot traffic and some of the other things that people are sometimes concerned about," said Pace.

Pace believes the grow operations in Pueblo County will provide lots of construction jobs, a handful of permanent jobs and property tax revenue for the county.

He said the county has already proved it can oversee the budding industry.

"We're really proud that we've built a robust regulatory environment," said Pace. "If they're breaking the rules, we're going to catch them."