Pueblo County sheriff responds to Denver drug bust article

PUEBLO, Colo. - One after another, the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office continues to bust illegal marijuana grows.

A recent article in the Denver Westword magazine called Pueblo County, the state's No. 1 spot for busting illegal growers.
"I think number wise and probably poundage, with the exception of maybe some of the big ones taken down in Denver, we have had quite a few down in Pueblo," said Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor.

This is a title that Taylor said, from a law enforcement perspective, is a good thing.

"I expect it to continue and I expect them to get better at it. And at the same time, they should expect us to get better at it," Taylor said.

The busts have ranged from a small basement grow to hundreds of pounds of marijuana being confiscated. In 2016 the Sheriffs Office busted 38 illegal grows.

Taylor says he is concerned that a lot of the people growing are coming from out of the country to grow illegally in Pueblo, but it doesn't surprise him.

"They come here to hide in plain site. Because we have so many in Pueblo County, they feel they are just able to come and grow under the guise that they are legal," Taylor said.

Taylor said without the support of multiple agencies in the county, they wouldn't be so successful.

These agencies are, "between Pueblo regional housing, our electric company, the city of Pueblo police, the compliance officers at the county and the district attorney," Taylor said.

He said as long as people continue to grow marijuana illegally, he will continue to bust them.

Taylor has gone to other counties in Colorado, to train them on how to bust illegal grows including Larimer County, Fremont County and El Paso County.

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