Pueblo County voters reject ballot question to fund new jail

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PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. - Voters in Pueblo County rejected a tax increase that would have paid for a new jail. 

The measure asked for a .45 percent of on cent county-wide sales and use the tax increase to fund a new $270,000 square foot detention center and turn the current jail's dorms into a detox and substance abuse treatment center. 

Building a new facility would cost $139 million dollars. 

The proposal for the treatment center had a $10 million price tag. 

Commissioner Garrison Ortiz, who has been working to get the ballot issue passed said right now there isn't a definitive "plan b" to take care of these long overdue concerns. 

"The underlying point of this ballot issue was we solve this issue and solve it right long-term. We're not looking at putting another Band-Aid or another fix on this," Ortiz said. 

Ortiz also said with the ballot issue not passing the concept for the drug treatment center that would take over the existing center goes away for now. 


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