Folks living in Eastern Pueblo County have been buried under a blanket of tumbleweeds for weeks in spite of the best efforts of public works crews who have been working around the clock to clean up the problem.

The Pueblo County Public works Department hasn't taken a day off in four weeks trying to remove tumbleweeds that are piling up against fences and houses.

Superintendent Chuck Colletti says his workers have been putting in ten hour days during that time using four road graders, two rollers to smash the tumbleweeds and mowers to turn them into mulch; but he says they keep piling right back up creating problems for drivers.
"The roads are blocked so whoever drives out here just needs to be careful and know that any time you come over the top of a hill it could be clogged with tumbleweeds on the other side so they just need to be careful," says Colletti.

El Paso County says Department of Transportation trucks removed tumbleweeds in that area a couple weeks ago, but much of it has since been covered.