Pueblo jail task force presents findings for overcrowding

Pueblo County Jail Task Force...

PUEBLO, Colo. - The Pueblo County Jail has been operating at 145 percent capacity, causing safety concerns for both the inmates

On Wednesday morning, the Pueblo County Jail Task Force presented its findings and options for the future of the jail.

The task force will provide both short term and long term options.

The short term solutions include adding a satellite jail to help capacity immediately but would not keep numbers down in the long term.

The long term solution has a few options including building a new jail or a complete overhaul of the current facility.

Ultimately the task force concluded that building a new jail is the best option.

"Looking at financially what it would cost the county in the interim, the only solution that brings us to a proper design capacity is building a new facility," said Pueblo County Commissioner Garrison Ortiz.

One of the potential spots where it could be is on the corner of West and 6th  right across from the courthouse.
The current jail would be re-purposed as a drug treatment center.
"So there's 240 inmates at least hat we know of that we've grabbed the data on that are either addicted to opiates, or, yeah they're addicted to some type of opiate whether it be prescription or whether it be illegal," said Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor.
But before any of this can be accomplished, the plans need the approval of the community.

"We need to fix all of these things as a community and we need to do this together and I think this is really an integral part of moving in that direction," Taylor said.

But it will take a ballot measure to approve it.

Commissioner Ortiz says he's working on the language for the ballot initiative. The plan right now is to ask for a less than a half a cent sales tax.

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