Pueblo vigil marks four years since Kelsie Schelling disappeared

Vigil marks four years since...

It's now been four years since Kelsie Schelling, 22, went missing.

Schelling was eight weeks pregnant when she left Denver to drive to Pueblo in 2013 and never returned home.

Those who were closest to her say they're still wanting closure.

That's why held a vigil at the Pueblo Walmart on Saturday in her honor.

Schelling's mom, Laura Saxton, says she would give anything to see her daughter again.

"When you don't have any answers or resolution and you can't lay your child to rest, every day it's just constant wondering and my mind never stops racing," Saxton said.

This all comes with a boost in the reward to find Schelling in partnership with the Pueblo Police Department, only for the month of February.

It's now up from $50,000 to $100,000 for anyone who has information about the case.

"We believe there are multiple people who know what happened and what's responsible and where Kelsie is -- and we're begging them to look inside their hearts and put an end to this," Saxton added.


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