PEDCO ad hopes Denver businesses will think of Pueblo first

PEDCO ad hopes Denver businesses will...

PUEBLO, Colo. - Think of Pueblo first. 

That's what the Pueblo Economic Development Corporation is hoping for with a new ad campaign. 

Specifically, it is hoping to draw Denver businesses who may be looking to move out of state. 

Starting off in the hills of Lake Pueblo, the ad shows a picturesque look at the Steel City. 

"Something like that just brings a better and more beautiful picture to the town than just the bad crime that everybody hears about," Pueblo resident Tori Mitchell said. 

The good aspects of Pueblo, that's what PEDCO president and CEO Jeff Shaw hopes businesses in Denver will see.

"The great outdoor recreation, as well as... what our manufacturing packages would look like as far as buildings, incentives and really anything in our toolbox," Shaw said. 

The ad is aimed at businesses looking to leave Colorado. 

"Look at Pueblo first before you take that step," Shaw said. 

The ad comes about a week after Express Scripts told its employees they would close the call center, leaving more than 300 people without a job.

"We know that we have a good opportunity to fill those jobs and bring in a company that can help those employees," Shaw said. 

It also mentions the money a company could receive through the half-cent sales tax through the city to help create jobs. 

Some say the ad has potential. 

"We're losing businesses, and we need more business here to keep this town thriving. I really believe this ad can draw them if they see the natural beauty that we have here," Pueblo resident Jolene Davis said. 

Others believe the negatives of Pueblo will overshadow the good. 

"It's too much of a welfare community. People here are lazy and don't want to work, I know it sounds terrible, but it's true," Pueblo resident Alexandria Lepper said. 

The ad will run for 30 days in the Denver area, and Shaw said it is a part of a larger marketing effort to bring more businesses and jobs in the city. 


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