AFFIDAVIT: Fight with girlfriend led to fatal hit-and-run in Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colo. - A fight between two girls ended in a fatal hit-and-run on Saturday night, according to arrest affidavits.

Witnesses say, Rosalyn Hernandez was fighting with her girlfriend and had just kicked two guys out of her car when she decided to speed off in her vehicle, running over Christopher Piserchio. 

One of the men that was inside the vehicle and was also a long-time friend of Hernandez told police that the night began at the Bourbon Room where Hernandez started drinking. She then took him and her girlfriend to Pirate's Cove.

This is where the three met up with Piserchio. As the night went on and everyone continued to drink, Hernandez eventually met a random man from New York.

According to the friend, Hernandez and the New Yorker were flirting with one another, causing Hernandez's girlfriend to get jealous. 

As they were leaving the bar just before 2:30 a.m., an argument started between the two girls.

Hernandez, her girlfriend, the man from New York, and the friend all got into Hernandez's vehicle. 

While fighting with her girlfriend, Hernandez started yelling at the two men, telling them to get out of the vehicle.

The friend had a small argument with Hernandez over $20 he had lent her for drinks before exiting. The man from New York followed him. 

While the argument was going on, Piserchio had just come out of the bar and was walking toward the car to break up the fight.

Police state in the affidavit that they saw a video taken by a witness at the scene that shows Piserchio approaching the car. They could then hear him ask if the girls are okay, and it goes black. 

Hernandez's friend told police that while Piserchio was next to the car, Hernandez put it in reverse, knocking Piserchio to the ground. She then pulled forward running him over and then sped off from the scene. 

According to the affidavit, the friend thinks "because they were arguing, she was just trying to out of there." 

After questioning everyone on the scene, police were able to locate the car at a home off Massari Road. They searched underneath the car and saw traces of flesh attached to the undercarriage. 

When they knocked on the front door of the home, Hernandez answered "highly intoxicated." She and the girl inside were then taken to the station for questioning. 

Piserchio was taken to the hospital where died a few hours later. 

Hernandez now faces second-degree murder. 

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