#Backtoschool curriculum is getting creative for Pueblo STEM students

#Backtoschool for Pueblo D-60

PUEBLO, Colo. - It may not always be fun for students to jump back into science and math on the first day of school. But what if it doesn't feel like school?

Pueblo D-60 STEM students are kicking off the new school year with creative curriculum. 

"You forget you're at school, because it's so much fun," said Lana Kitchen, an incoming eighth grader. 

Why? Because class is what's called a 'Makerspace' or 'Hackerspace.' It's a room filled with tech gadgets where students can work on innovative projects. 

"We get to do what we want," said Cruz Garcia, an incoming eighth grader. "We have a lot of trust with teachers."

'Trust' that's based on a method.

"It's the application to science, it's the application to technology, even the application to engineering," said Marci Imes, Principal at Roncalli Stem Academy.

The subjects are applied with machines like a heat presser, 3-D printers, lazer cutters, and even programs like Adobe Illustrator. 

"They think they're making these simplistic projects they don't realize the learning that's happening," said Imes.

The learning happens with the thought process behind the creativity. 

"It's thinking if this is two inches on my computer screen, how big does it need to be on this piece of plywood?," Imes said.

Note: The goal behind this curriculum is to have students grow with the rate of technology. The gadgets along with the program is funded by the district's stem grant.




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