Bill to allow liquor sales in Walmart, Target fails

Bill to allow liquor sales in...

PUEBLO, Colo. - John Myers has owned 80 Twenty Wines in Pueblo for eight years and prides himself on helping his customers.
"We know what we're talking about, we're not just standing at the register taking money," Myers said.
Meyers said he's glad Senate bill 143 didn't pass. It would have allowed Target and Walmart to sell liquor. He says that would have been bad news for small businesses like his.
"I know the bigger stores definitely want to have that liquor, beer and wine in their locations. But it's harmful to small business and I'm glad it didn't pass, actually," Myers said.

Myers said he's had this threat in mind since he opened his store eight years ago.
"Because they would carry things that I don't carry, I like carrying smaller producers," Myers said.
The bill was killed on an 18-to-17 vote.  State Senator Leroy Garcia was one of 17 that voted yes.

"I supported the policy because overwhelmingly I had heard from liquor stores in my district who support the policy, who believed it was fair in it's approach," Garcia said.
Garcia says he thinks despite the vote, liquor laws in Colorado will continue to evolve.

"As we continue to talk about liquor sales in general in Colorado, and what this market could look like in the next  five to10 years, we have to be willing to be willing to have the conversation," Garcia said.

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