City of Pueblo considering ending contract with Black Hills Energy

VIDEO City of Pueblo considering...

PUEBLO, Colo. - The City of Pueblo is looking at options to end its contract with Black Hills Energy early.

It comes after years of increasing rates and other battles with the utility company.

City Council members said the last straw was when Black Hills asked the city for more money for LED street lights that were installed to save the city money.

Leading the council to consider taking the "off-ramp" from Black Hills as the city's utility, meaning instead of fulfilling their existing contract with the company through 2030, they'd end the contract early in 2020.

"Thirty percent of the people in Pueblo are living below the poverty level and those people are of our highest concern," council member Larry Atencio said.

Should the city decide to end the contract early with Black Hills Energy, it would not be a cheap or a quick venture, but Atencio said the results would be worth it.

"It's gonna be expensive but the alternative is going to be get gouged by Black Hills from now until whenever," Atencio said.

Should the city decide to take the "off-ramp" Black Hills Energy will still be responsible for providing power to Pueblo residents until the city decides on another power provider.

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