CSU-Pueblo basketball coach Curtis Loyd loves basketball and coaching

Curtis Loyd is a passionate coach

Curtis Loyd is the new women's basketball coach at CSU-Pueblo and he doesn't just like basketball, "I'm so excited you know when I first got the job and Joe called me I was speechless," says Loyd.

This week he has been teaching kids about the sport he is passionate about,"I don't know who had more fun today you or the kids? "This is my favorite camp the little kids they are so full of energy I can't have a bad day today I cannot. I'm telling you the babies got me hyped I'm ready to go," says Loyd.
Loyd is hyped about his first season coaching the  Wolfpack, "I want to have fun and I want to use my practices as classroom and I want to use the games as just watching and and having fun now we are going to make it bigger and better. You can't wait until October? I'm here, let's go. let's go.>>

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