Dog killed by Pueblo officer

PUEBLO, Colo. - We're now hearing from a dog owner whose pit bull was shot and killed by a Pueblo officer.

The police department stated that officers were on Cyprus Street, responding to reports of a fight involving a man on drugs.

When they got to the home, a pit bull burst through an open gate and started charging at officers. That’s when the officer opened fire, killing the dog.

Now the owner, Leslie Hanson says the pit bull, Crios, was needed for her PTSD and believes the police used excessive force.

“The police in this situation didn't handle it correctly. I do have PTSD, and I feel that this is bringing back a lot of trauma. It's needless. You don’t need to hurt an animal seven times,” said Leslie Hanson.

She also took her grief to social media: 

The Pueblo Police Department says using lethal force is a last resort when dealing with situations such as these.

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