Dogs poisoned, three die in Pueblo

Dogs poisoned three killed in Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colo. - Travis Tucker says he was sure he was going to lose his dog, Penny. She started showing signs of being sick about two weeks ago.

"She was really wobbly and her eyes were starting to roll a little bit," Tucker said.

Tucker says the same thing had happened a few weeks earlier, so this time around, he became suspicious.

"She was just all of a sudden, dizzy, weak, (and) couldn't walk," Tucker said.

He went online and discover several other people had experienced the same thing with their pets.

Pueblo Animal Services confirms the rash of poisonings. Three dogs in Pueblo West died from eating rat poison, another is in critical condition.

Animal services will increase patrols in the areas where the dogs were targeted.

Tucker is also taking extra precautions by replacing his fencing and moving his chicken coop to block an open area of his yard.

"We can stop it, you know. It's already done. We might not be able to catch who did it, but we can definitely put a stop to this," Tucker said.

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