Dozens gather at city retail marijuana shop meeting

Dozens gather at city retail...

PUEBLO, Colo. - Dozens interested in being one of the businesses to open a retail marijuana store in Pueblo gathered Wednesday night to learn more about the process.

Pueblo City Council approved in December to allow eight retail stores in the city for the first time.
Four on the north side of the Arkansas River, and four on the south side.

After walking through the lengthy process, city staff answered questions from potential applicants.

Now begins the search for space to put potential stores.

"One of the biggest problems with the stores here is the zoning, there's a very finite amount of locations that would qualify so that is definitely the name of the game," Karson Beckstrom, owner of White Diamond Botanicals said.

After the application process is finished, Pueblo stores could open as quickly as April or May.

Find Pueblo City retail marijuana shop rules and regulations here, and deadlines for opening a store here. 

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