Pueblo student invents new protein machine

Pueblo student invents new protein...

PUEBLO, Colo. - We have coffee machines and soda machines, but one young entrepreneur in Pueblo says he's invented the first protein machine.

Ryan Madic says he came up with the idea when he kept mixing up his proteins, spilling them and stinking up his house.

He looked high and low for a protein machine similar to a Keurig coffee maker but came up unsuccessful.

So, he decided to invent his own.

"I started looking more into it, and my dad helped me out. And so I was kind of like let's go forward with this and let's make the world's first protein machine. So we shopped around, still nothing out there so we put a patent on it,” explained Madic.

Madic added that the machine has three separate containers to hold about a four week supply of pre-workout and post-workout protein and a container that holds about a week's worth of water.

All you need to do is have a glass under the dispenser.

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