Co-director of Pueblo Museum dies after being run over by own car

Codirector of Pueblo Museum dies after being run over by own car

PUEBLO, Colo. - The co-director of the Pueblo Museum died after being run over by his own car Tuesday morning on Fordham Circle.

Authorities believe 76-year-old Robert Mitchell was moving his car so his wife, Nell, could get out of the garage and somehow the car ran him over.

"There's a lot that goes into this. We'll examine all the evidence that's on the ground and that sort of thing. and try and make a determination based on wittiness statements and that sort of thing," said Sgt. Howard Jackson with the Pueblo Police Department.

Jackson said the car left the driveway and went out into the road. Skid marks are visible on the sidewalk where police say the car circles 23 times.

Vern Porter lives across the street from the Mitchell's and says he saw the car circling the street.

"By the time I looked, it was going partially in the street and partially up on the lawn of the neighbor next door and I stood there transfixed because it just kept doing it, one circle after another," Porter said.

Herb Critchett lives a block away from the accident but says he knew Mitchell well.
"I was just astounded because Mr. Mitchell has been a friend of mine for several years. He walks the neighborhood. They'd walk a mile in the morning and usually a mile in the afternoon. (He was a) very nice gentleman," Critchett said. 

Jackson said he has seen accidents like this, but they are rare.

"You've just got to take your time and make sure you're getting things done correctly," Jackson said. 

Police took the car to see if there was anything mechanically wrong with it.

Police say because Mitchell was outside by himself, they may never know exactly how it all unfolded.

Bob and Nell Mitchell were both directors for the Pueblo Museum. They secured artifacts and kept the facility alive for decades. As of 1998, they worked as directors on a volunteer basis. 

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