Fire danger hiding in household batteries - A Pueblo family shares their frightening story

WATCH Fire danger hiding in household batteries A Pueblo family shares their frightening story

PUEBLO, Colo. - 18-year-old Tori Ortiz from Pueblo was fast asleep in her bed on Sunday morning when she awoke to something strange. 

"I woke up to a loud pop noise and I just looked over and the corner of my bed is in flames and that’s all I see. I just start screaming," said Ortiz. 

That's when her mother, Stephanie Ortiz, rushed into her room. 

"When I heard her scream, I couldn’t get to her room fast enough. I opened the door and there were flames coming out from her bed," said Stephanie. 

The family worked to put the fire out with water, and started to look into what may have started it. They could not find a candle or heater that may have sparked the flames, but once they investigated a bit, they believe they found the culprit. 

"We started taking things apart and we found the battery on the carpet," said Stephanie. 

From what they could tell, the battery appeared to be a AA Alkaline battery that was badly burned. 

The Ortiz's say they could not find anything that may have short circuited the battery, but their insurance company is launching a full investigation into how the battery may have sparked. 

Experts say fires caused from batteries are rare, but they do happen. 

A fire was observed in Austin, Texas, after batteries in the center console of a car parked in a garage sparked a flame.

Now the Ortiz family says they have a heightened awareness. 

"I looked around terrified because we picked up 13 batteries that were just in junk drawers or laying around. We are pretty tidy but there’s always a battery roll behind somewhere and I felt like there’s little bombs everywhere," said Stephanie. 

Now, they are hoping their story can help prevent something like this from happening to someone else. 

"Everybody check your house because even though it's a freak accident, you have to be careful," said Stephanie. 

Experts have a few recommendations for properly storing batteries in a cool, dry place that is designated for battery storage. When batteries are used, they also should be disposed of properly, and not left laying around. 

 Batteries should also be kept away from metal, and in a place where they are not jostled around. 

For extra security, you can also put electrical tape on the ends, or store them in a fire safe box. 

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