Fort Lauderdale shooting concerns local firearm owners

Fort Lauderdale shooting concerns...

PUEBLO, Colo. - There was terror in the Fort Lauderdale International Airport on Friday when, surveillance video shows, suspected gunman Esteban Santiago opened fire in a baggage claim area, leaving five people killed and six more wounded.

"I hate to see people killed. It's sad," Bubba Bitner said.

A Vietnam veteran, former law enforcement officer and gun owner, Bitner is saddened by Friday's horrific shooting, and wants change.

"If you've been diagnosed with mental problems, you should not own a handgun," Bitner said.

Santiago was taken to a mental health facility in November after showing up at an FBI office saying the government was controlling his mind.

"It should have been stopped right there," Bitner said. "We could have saved five lives."

Investigators say Santiago told them the gun he used in Florida was in his checked baggage during his flight from Alaska.

Rochelle Peil has traveled with her firearms, and is concerned of what's to come.

"Kind of afraid what's going to be next," Peil said. "We've always felt pretty safe if we have to go somewhere, you know you can always take your firearms with you. With this happening, you never really know."

Transportation Security Administration guidelines allow for firearms and ammunition to be transported in checked baggage, as long as proper procedures are followed.

Peil said more regulations aren't the answer.

"Laws only protect people who are willing to follow them," Peil said. "You're not going to keep guns out of people's hands that don't intend to use them correctly."

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