Future Meals On Wheels funding uncertain

PUEBLO, Colo. - Ollie Davis has been a Meals On Wheels volunteer for five years.

"I have one lady... tells her daughter, 'Where is he? I want Oliver. I want him there, I want Ollie now.' And she has dementia, yet she know and she remembers. I can't believe it," Davis said.

Two days a week, he drops food off to people who may not have access to hot meals otherwise.

"For them, it's life or death. I do believe that," Davis said.

But the future of this program is being threatened by President Donald Trump's proposed budget.

"It's going to impact the number of people that we serve. We might have to put a limit on how many we can serve," said Steve Nawrocki, the president of the Senior Resource Development Agency and city council president.

Nawrocki says Meals On Wheels isn't the only program in Pueblo that could be impacted by proposed budget cuts.

"Community development block grants, our demolition for the city has come from the community development block grants. Also all the ramps that we put in," Nawrocki said.

Davis sees the impact of Meals On Wheels beyond the meals that he worries could change lives if taken away.

"I get them to smile at me and joke with me a little bit and in the long run, it lifts their day, and it lifts me a whole lot. So i really enjoy that," Davis said.

Trump will publish a more detailed budget in May.




there are about 50 people who drive and deliver the meals... all volunteers.

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