Governor Hickenlooper signs several bills affecting Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colo. - Governor Hickenlooper was busy in southern Colorado on Monday.

The Governor also made a stop in Pueblo, where he signed several bills into law.

Hickenlooper stopped at the Blackiron Building, where he signed three bills.

He then made his way over to the Riverwalk, where he signed three more bills.

"We're trying to do a little bit of everything here, but it is amazing that we got so many bills passed that definitively and directly help support the economy here in southern Colorado," said Gov. Hickenlooper.
Bills he signed include:

HB17-1356: Grants increased access to tax credits by large employers willing to invest at least $100 million in Colorado. Such companies can apply for pre-certification for the state’s job creation tax credit or one of its enterprise zone tax credits.

SB17-105: Setting higher standards for the monthly bills that electric utility customers receive. By removing some of the mystery around such things as tiered rates and fuel cost recovery surcharges, the new law will help ensure utility consumers’ right to know what they’re being billed for.  
SB17-153: Lays the groundwork for Front Range rail service in Colorado’s future. The new law creates an expanded Southwest Chief and Front Range Passenger Rail Commission, which will assess the prospects for passenger rail up and down the Front Range.
SB17-074: Creates a medication-assisted treatment pilot program for patients who struggle with opioid dependency in Pueblo and Routt counties, which have experienced a particularly high number of heroin overdoses.

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