Home of Heroes celebrates Fourth of July with pride

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PUEBLO, Colo. - As Southern Colorado gears up for the Fourth of July celebrations, the Home of Heroes is no exception. 

The display on the Riverwalk is a sight to see, so much so, it drew Mike O'Brien to stop in Pueblo on his cross-country bike ride. 

"I read about Pueblo before I even left and say they had a big Fourth of July celebration, so I kind of targeted being here on the Fourth," O'Brien said. 

The city approaches the holiday with pride. 

"I think it hits to the heart of people as Americans, that's why we do what we do on the Fourth," Pueblo resident Nathan Welsh said.

On Rutgers Avenue in Pueblo is a more personal display, five years in the making, honoring the people who make it possible to celebrate with the grand displays. 

"I put these signs up and they'll stay up until our soldiers get back,"  Richard Guerrero said. 

Guerrero made his fence a display honoring those who have served and are serving. 

"I have a son that's still in the service, you know, I didn't put it up for him. I put it up for all of them," Guerrero said. 

The display is complete with stuffed soldiers holding American flags, plaques with names of those who have served from Pueblo, and flags representing all branches of the military. 

"These people here serve us and they're the ones that give us a happy life, a good life," Guerrero said. 

Guerrero said he usually lights up the display on his fence just on the weekends, but will also light it up Tuesday in honor of the Fourth of July.


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