Medal of Honor recipients speak with Pueblo students

Medal of Honor recipients speak with...

PUEBLO, Colo. - Staff Sgt. Ty Carter became a Medal of Honor recipient in 2013 for his actions in the war in Afghanistan after he saved the lives of his fellow service men.
Specialist John Baca received the Medal of Honor in 1971 after he jumped on a grenade and saved eight men.
Both of these Medal of Honor recipients visited with students at East High School in Pueblo as part of the Medal of Honor Convention.
"That's one of my favorite parts of coming to these conventions. But coming back to Colorado, I'm actually just thinking how much pain it was doing the incline and how beautiful the Seven Falls was," Carter said.
Carter was stationed at Ft. Carson for two years during his service. The day that he was recognized for his valor, was the bloodiest for Ft. Carson soldiers since the Vietnam War.

"I know who the heroes are. I remember their names every day. I see their faces because I actually saw some of them die in front of me. Recipients, I don't think are heroes, I think they are just gentleman trying to live life after a severe trauma," Carter said.

Both men shared their combat stories with the students. Baca even showed the scars on his stomach from when he jumped on the grenade

"It's just amazing, they did that for our country, for us to be here at this school learning," said Elijah Perez, a student at East.

Principal Robert Caricato said the visit was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for his students to hear heroes like this speak.

"I don't know if they'll ever get this experience again and not only meet but interact with the Medal of Honor recipients and get to hear their stories," Caricato said.

The recipients weren't only leaving a lasting impact on the students' lives, but the country's history.


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