Missing dog turns up dead in backyard

Missing dog turns up dead in backyard

PUEBLO WEST, Colo. - Canoli was new to Mary Sanborn and her fiance. She became part of the family in November.
The dog disappeared out of their Pueblo West backyard last Tuesday. Sanborn was surprised because Canoli is disabled.
"She couldn't have gotten out of the fence, even if she tried. She had no movement in her back legs," Sanborn said.

The biggest shock came when Canoli returned. Sanborn says she was placed in the backyard Monday, dead.
"We have no leads, absolutely none, to who would have done this," Sanborn said.
Sanborn contacted the sheriff's office and scoured the footage from her home-surveillance system; so far nothing has turned up.

"The sheriff's office came by and they looked at our yard. He thinks it was someone who felt bad for taking her to begin with so they brought her back," Sanborn said.
Lt. Lindsey Vigna, a Pueblo animal law-enforcement officer, said these types of occurrences are unusual, but wants to remind everyone to keep an eye on their pets, especially as the weather gets warmer.
"Pets certainly are inquisitive and they tend to wander off or get into those tiny, tiny holes in the fence lines that we rarely see," Vigna said.
Sanborn insists Canoli wouldn't have escaped without help.
"She was just, despite being paralyzed, and being in pain all the time, she was just the sweetest dog," Sanborn said.

A $300 reward is being offered for anyone with information. If you know anything, contact the Pueblo Sheriff's Office.

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