More abuse claims surface after news of El Pueblo Boy & Girls Ranch's shutdown

More abuse claims surface after news...

PUEBLO, Colo. - In 2015 Christina King's son was at El Pueblo Boys and Girls Ranch.

King says about a month into her son's stay, he suffered three concussions within two weeks.

"You trust another human being to take care of your child and when you hear that someone is not taking care of your child the way it should be taken care of, it gets very emotional," King said.

Kings said she kept track of incidents her son was involved in and it wasn't until she went to an emergency court hearing that she was able to get custody of her son again.

"The judge, she stated that El Pueblo was incompetent, they were neglectful to my son," King said.

King's claims parallel the state's Department of Human Services report, which sites instances of physical abuse, neglect and malnutrition led to the suspension of El Pueblo's license.

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We also spoke with a girl who was staying at the ranch in 2013 who didn't want to be identified but says she saw abuse at El Pueblo and said she was afraid to speak up. Her text said, "I was afraid if I reported any of it then they would make me stay longer." 

King says she hopes the state does what is necessary to keep this from happening to any other families in the future.

"It makes me angry to know that nothing was solved, corrected, new treatments put in place, things like that," King said.

She said she is heartbroken that what happened to her son two years ago is still happening today.

We called El Pueblo to speak with them about these allegations, they said they do not have a statement, but are planning on fully cooperating with the state. 

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