Neighbors in Pueblo concerned about methadone clinic placement

Neighbors in Pueblo concerned about...

PUEBLO, Colo. - A methadone clinic was ready to be approved by the Pueblo City Council when concerned citizens spoke out against the placement of the clinic at Monday's council meeting.

Theresa Vito lives just across from where the clinic was supposed to be placed near Northern and Berkley. She said they never got any notice of what was going to fill the vacant building.

Vito said they don't want to stop the people who need help from getting it, they just don't believe the placement is the best.

"We really know these people do need help and what we were wondering is why they weren't located in an urban area where they could reach more people," Vito said.

She said their biggest concern is safety. There is an elementary school just blocks away that kids walk to. Central High School is also within walking distance.

The Pueblo Planning and Zoning Commission had approved the building to be filled by the Crossroads clinic and passed it to the City Council for final approval.

City Council president Steve Nawrocki said when they heard the concern from the neighbors, they decided to send it back to the planning and zoning commission for the neighbors concerns to be heard.

Nawrocki said he understands the need for a clinic like this in Pueblo, but he also can see the concern from the neighbors about the activity in their neighborhood.

"People ought to be made aware when there is going to be changes made in their neighborhood... We need to do a better job," Nawrocki said.

A public hearing is happening on Friday. 

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