New cannabis cultivation facility revitalizing plant, bringing jobs

New cannabis cultivation facility...

PUEBLO, Colo. - A cannabis cultivation facility is bringing new life to the old Pepsi plant in Pueblo.
Doyen Elements is renovating the space to become a 234,000 square-foot state of the art grow facility.
"We'll be using some specialized materials, that is new materials that is LEED certified platinum. It is a green technology base," said Doyen CEO Geoff Thompson.

Thompson said he is excited to be building in Pueblo.

"It's a community that this industry has been able to come into, provide jobs, a tax base, a revenue base," Thompson said.
Doyen is receiving support not only from the community, but the county and the city as well.
"They're going to spend $12 million. That's 60 thousand bucks going straight into our half cent sales tax," said Pueblo City Councilman Bob Schilling.

The construction of the facility alone will provide 100 jobs to the community and then 180 more on top of that once it's up and running.

"It takes us a long time with economic development money to find those jobs, these people just kind of walked into town," Schilling said. 
The facility will take two years to complete, but will be ready to distribute product within just nine months.
It will bring a new industry next to one that has been in the city for generations, the steel mill.

"You've got the new and the old. The history and what's going to be now the new history," Schilling said.
Thompson said they have a local Colorado company lined up to take the reins and do the hands on work.

Thompson also mentioned they have reached out to the CSU Pueblo engineering students to give them job opportunities in the construction process.

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