Possible well water contamination in Beulah

Possible well water contamination in...

PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. - The small creek in Raymond Hensley's backyard is peaceful now but was like a river last week.
Heavy rains on Wednesday led to areas of flooding in the Beulah Valley, forcing the closure of several roads.
The National Guard even had to step in to help at least seven people evacuate their homes in the North Creek Road area. Hensley says it's all part of living in the Beulah Valley.
"Could be fires, could be floods, could get snowed in," Hensley said.

Although the flooding has finished and the water is receding the Pueblo City and County Health Department has another concern with water contamination.
"If flood water has gotten into a well and it's flooded it, there's a good chance that it's contaminated. And we would recommend testing it before drinking the water from that," said Kathy Nelson with the Health Department.
Pueblo County wants anyone with a well in the Beulah area to fill up a test bottle and return it to the Health Department within 30 hours.
"What we worry about is things that would be in the flood water. So bacteria because you have runoff, possible chemicals," Nelson said.
Hensley has a well on his property and plans to test his water, but he isn't overly concerned.
"I don't think the flood hurt it any. It's good to test it once in a while."

The Beulah Fire chief says many of the people who use wells in Beulah Valley are along North Creek Road and are still sheltering in place.

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