President, CEO of PEDCO speaks on layoffs

President, CEO of PEDCO speaks on...

PUEBLO, Colo. - Workers at the Chemical Depot in Pueblo could be facing layoffs or furloughs.

The possible layoffs involve about 30 jobs.

A couple of factors are contributing to the possible layoffs.

A project manager says it took the army longer than expected to start the $4.5 billion plant and the army got less money for the program than expected.

Jeff Shaw, president and ceo of PEDCO says he believes the jobs laid-off could be easily absorbed into other companies.

"My guess is depending on what level of employees that would be furloughed, I think there is a good opportunity for them to be absorbed into other organizations looking for those types of talents because they are highly motivated, highly trained and come with a lot of experience," said Shaw.

The work at the depot was expected to be finished by 2020. It's unclear whether layoffs would delay that or not.

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