Pueblo Chemical Depot celebrates 75 years

Pueblo Chemical Depot celebrates 75...

PUEBLO, Colo. -  Pomp and circumstance kicked off the anniversary at the Pueblo Chemical Depot, but it's more than that. The commander of the chemical depot Colonel Thomas A. Duncan II said the depot has been involved in every major US conflict in the last 75 years.

"World War 2, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, first Gulf War," Duncan said.

That tradition continues today as the depot works to destroy part of the country's remaining chemical stockpile.

"So there's years of work left on the depot... and we're more worried about doing it safely than doing it fast," Duncan said.

Igloos store the chemical mustard agent. In the history of the depot they've stored everything for bullets to nuclear weapons.

Along with destroying the mustard agent, depot staff works hard to maintain a good relationship with the Pueblo community.

"This depot has been incredible to our economy and our connection to frankly the defense of this country throughout the world," said Pueblo County Commissioner Terry Hart.

The mustard agent should be destroyed by 2025, that's when the depot will transfer back to the community.

"(They) have worked like crazy to bring money into this facility to get it cleaned up so it could be turned over to civilian use through Pueblo Plex," Hart said.

Until then, it will maintain its military pride and tradition.

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