Pueblo City Council commits to 100 percent renewable energy by 2035

The city is one of 22 in the U.S. to commit.

Pueblo green energy by 2035

PUEBLO, Colo. - Pueblo City Council voted Monday night to commit the city to a goal of running on 100 percent renewable energy in 18 years.

In a vote of six to one, with Councilman Bob Schilling voting no, the city is one of 22 in the United States to do so, and the city has a lot to accomplish before 2035.

"The reason why the average Puebloan should care is that renewable energy can create jobs," community organizer for the Sierra Club, Meral Cooper said.

Cooper cited Vestas Towers America Inc. as an example, as the company is the largest manufacturer of wind turbines and is located on the Southside of Pueblo.

An undertaking of moving the entire city to run off of renewable energy doesn't come cheap.

"We are still wanting to figure that out in terms of how much would this really cost, and we're wanting to work with the city to figure that out," Cooper said.

City Council president Steve Nawrocki said the hope the growth of Pueblo will help offset the cost.

"What our hope is is that our growth in the next 18 years will be substantial, and whatever the cost we're projecting today, I'm sure that you're going to have to look at an increase in population and demand," Nawrocki said.

The resolution doesn't lay out a road map for how the city should go about moving the city over to renewable energy, rather, it just sets a goal for the city to work towards.

An option to look at, Pueblo creating its own municipal utility.

"That's what will be the most cost effective and the most productive for our community by 2035," Nawrocki said.

The vote simply sets forth some guidelines there's nothing binding with the resolution, which means future city councils can decide to opt out of the 2035 renewable energy goal should they choose to.


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