Pueblo City Council could ask for street repair funds

Pueblo city council could ask for...

PUEBLO, Colo. - It's no surprise the streets in Pueblo could use some repairs. Now, the Pueblo City Council is asking for voters' help for those repairs.

"All you have to do is really drive around our major streets in town and I think you would be convinced that streets need to be repaired," said City Council President Steve Nawrocki.

Nawrocki said the monthly fee would go toward more than $3 million of repairs needed for Pueblo streets. The amount you pay would be based on certain factors.

"Well, there is a monthly fee assessed depending upon what type of property you live on. Like residential would be a separate fee all the way to different levels of commercial," Nawrocki said.

The city council wants to put this issue on the November ballot, but there is already another money question on the ballot, a sales tax for police.

Last year the city council put a question on the ballot to help fund the police, fire and parks departments and fix the roads, but that measure failed.

Now, the strategy this year is to separate the issues, something some Pueblo voters think is a good idea

"You bundle things together, people tend to not vote for them, but if you put them individually, that'd work," said George Michael Hills, a Pueblo resident.

"They're separate issues, I mean, paving the streets is completely different that getting more policemen on the streets," said Rose Benitez, a Pueblo resident.

Nawrocki says he hopes dividing the question will help each one pass.

"I think this is a great opportunity for our citizens to be able to start to show how they can get the streets up to where they need to be," Nawrocki said.

The city council will make a decision in August whether to put the question on the ballot.

Nawrocki said technically they don't have to ask the voters for an enterprise fund, but he would rather give them the option.

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