Pueblo City Council mulls over ending partnership with Black Hills Energy

Pueblo City Council mulls over ending partnership with Black Hills Energy

PUEBLO, Colo. - Members of the Pueblo City Council voted Monday to study the option of leaving the franchise contract the city has with Black Hills Energy.

If they break the contract, it wouldn't be until 2020, but the council members said they wanted to have time to figure out the best option.

This coming after energy rates continue to rise, pushing many people in the community to a breaking point.

"Seventeen hundred people every quarter have their electricity shut off by Black Hills. Those 1700 people are struggling," said City Councilman Larry Atencio.

Atencio says they will now begin to study other options for Pueblo's energy.

"We're going to be able to either bring in another utility or contract with solar ray people, municipalize, the suggestions are varied," Atencio said.

Black Hill's new vice president for Colorado Electric, Vance Crocker said he believes there is still room to figure out a partnership.

"I really do believe that there's opportunities for us to add great value to the community," Crocker said.

Crocker said he wants to get out into the community and get to understand the biggest concerns.

"Any business such as ours is an opportunity to come in and to help solve some of those issues even if it's not energy related," Crocker said.

If Pueblo decides to form it's own municipal energy source, it has to be approved by the Pueblo voters.


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