Pueblo City Park recovers from storm

PUEBLO, Colo. - Crews are back out at city park cleaning up after the latest spring storm
"We had a lot of trees splitting, you know, the heavy snow on the pine trees and on the junipers and elm trees, branches started falling," said Parks and Recreation Assistant Director Mike Sexton.
Tree branches scattered throughout the park a result of Tuesday's heavy and wet snow.

"I got out of my truck in the morning to report to work and I could just hear cracking," Sexton said.
City Park didn't only loose trees and branches, they lost a little piece of history. Some of these trees were close to 100 years old.

"We're a tree city for 37 years and we take pride in our trees and that's why we take care of them so well, but sometimes you have no control over that," Sexton said.
A similar scene was seen throughout Pueblo. City officials letting homeowners know trees, even on public sidewalks, are their responsibility to clean up.
"The city of pueblo will not, at least right now, go out and pick up tree limbs or trees or branches or anything like that basically because we can't afford to do that," said Pueblo Public Information Officer Debra Hill.
A heavy wet snow that brought needed moisture, but damage that will take weeks to recover from.

Parks officials say they have a grant for a tree nursery they are beginning to establish and will use that to replant and replenish the trees around City Park.

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