Pueblo County recreational marijuana stores not worried about city competition

PUEBLO, Colo. - The recreational marijuana industry has now begun in the city of Pueblo with the opening of NuVue. Dispensary manager Anthony Soto says business has boomed since their opening.

"We've seen an increase of med patients and rec customers and our revenue has been going great too in the last couple days," Soto said.

NuVue is on the city's north side off of I-25 right near the city and county line. Soto said for being the first rec store open, the location has played a part in the good business.

"For tourists or just people traveling through, for people from Denver just need to come visit into Pueblo. We have a prime location, especially being behind some popular restaurants as well," Soto said.

But with dispensaries now opening in Pueblo city limits, dispensaries like Strawberry Fields in the county could see a change in business.

"It's definitely been on our radar. It's absolutely definitely not a concern of ours though. We've been through the same hoops and hurdles," said Strawberry Fields general manager Ethan Shean.

Shean said they understand just how hard the process of opening up a dispensary is and they don't look at NuVue's presence as negative.

"We tip our hats to them, we commend them. We hope they bring the same level of commitment, respect and education that we would like to see in the industry," Shean said.

Both agree and are glad the industry is becoming more recognized and accepted in Pueblo.

There are seven other rec stores set to open in the city.

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