Pueblo dealership had trucks stolen, report not taken for two days

Pueblo dealership had trucks stolen...

PUEBLO, Colo. - Within one minute a thief in Pueblo stole two Ford trucks and a trailer from Five Star Auto on Monday night.
Manager Stan Shanholtz said he called the police as soon as he knew what happened the next morning.
"If they would have been here a little sooner, we might have had these vehicles back, instead of heading to Mexico or something," Shanholtz said.

Shanholtz said this isn't the first time they've been stolen from, but these cars were so expensive, it could put them out of business.
"I would just love to get the police report filed so then we can move on, get ahold of the insurance company and things like that. No police report, can't do anything," Shanholtz said.
Despite multiple calls to the police, a report wasn't taken until two days later. 
"It almost seems like they don't care about it anymore," Shanholtz said.

Officer Brandon Beauvais with the Pueblo Police Department said because they are short-staffed, they have to address calls by priority.
"When we talk about weapons involved or when people's lives are at threat or being harmed in progress, that's obviously the highest priority," Beauvais said.
Although it may not seem like it to frustrated victims, Beauvais says the police feel the frustration just as much.

"We like to catch criminals in the act and try to get cases through as quick as possible," Beauvais said.

Beauvais said in order to get the response you need when you call police, give them as much detail as possible. But be prepared for a wait if your call isn't life-threatening.

The city is planning on asking voters in November for a quarter-cent sales tax increase to hire more police officers.

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