Pueblo East trying to win four 3A titles in a row.

Eagles open up againast Longmont 9/1

Pueblo East Football

At east side there's not much chatter about the possibility of a rare feat. "We talk about it a little bit but it's not so much all we talk about," says Mark Vivoda.

Naturally, it's hard to not talk about the possibility of winning four consecutive state championships,  "Even though we've got three we don't care you know that's done and over with it's all over the gym it's a daily reminder that what we have to do to get four that's the ultimate goal in the end but it can't always be on our mind," says Luc Andrada, "Not many people can say that they've won state championships for each year that they've been here so. Were going one game at a time but that would be nice to say, says Vivoda, "Just stay hungry and and humble the past doesn't matter nobody cares what you did yesterday it's all about what we do today," says head coach Andy Watts.

One of the leaders of the Eagles is quarterback Lucas Andrada, his favorite subject in school is literature, he hopes to author another state title, "What's going to be written in that final chapter? YOu know what it's going to be a state championship and I say that from the bottom of my heart."

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