Pueblo finding it hard to serve increasing homeless community

Pueblo finding it hard to serve...

PUEBLO, Colo. - The Director of Posada, an organization that advocates for the homeless, says marijuana is the main reason the homeless population has tripled in Pueblo.

Anne Stattleman says the city’s services cannot support the growth. She added that the perception about the budding marijuana industry is skewed.

Many of the people Posada serves come to Pueblo to work in the pot industry but can't find work or housing.

“That's what's bringing a lot of people here. There is opportunity and what they're finding is that housing is much more expensive than they realized, and they aren't able to find a job in the industry. Therefore, they became homeless or they need assistance to be in housing,” said Stattleman.

Stattelman added that there is no silver bullet answer but there needs to be a clear message: if you can't support yourself in Pueblo, don't come.

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