Pueblo parks closing due to EPA testing

Pueblo parks closing due to EPA testing

PUEBLO, Colo. - A popular park in Pueblo is back open after it was closed much of the day on Wednesday for testing.

The EPA is taking soil samples from Stauter Park as part of the Colorado Smelter Superfund Study Zone.

Sampling teams pulled soil plugs to look for unusual levels of lead or arsenic in the soil.

There are 1,900 homes in the study area. The EPA has already tested 400 of them.

“So once we get our samples, we take them back to our lab, and we prep them. Then we do XLF Analyzation, which is x-ray fluorescence, in the lab, and we also send a percentage of those samples to a confirmatory lab to make sure the numbers that we're getting for our analyzation matches there's,” said Mark Ungar, an environmental scientist.

Stauter Park will be closed until Thursday at 4 p.m. as they continue to do testing.

Bessemer Park will be closed on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday for testing.

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