Pueblo PD releases security footage connected to fatal shooting

Pueblo PD releases security footage...

PUEBLO, Colo. - The Pueblo Police Department released security footage on Wednesday that could help investigators solve the murder of Derrick Regalado. 

Regalado's body was discovered by family on Tuesday morning. The 51-year-old was found dead in the backyard of his home near the corner of Sage and Avocado in Pueblo. 

Pueblo police obtained Monday night's security footage from a business nearby the home. 

It shows a truck turning onto Sage from Pueblo Boulevard and stopping. A person gets out of the truck and walks towards Regalado's home. During this time, the truck makes a U-turn and parks facing east on Sage.

About 10 minutes later, the person is seen running back to the truck. It drives off towards Pueblo Boulevard.

For a closer look at the truck: 

Pueblo police say the photos show a distinct bed rail and a possible nerf bar below the cab. 

At this time, Pueblo police say there are looking for at least two people, one being the driver. The could both be facing homicide charges. 

We know that Pueblo police got a call of shots fired at around 9:45 p.m. on Monday night in the same area. When officers initially investigated the report, they didn't find any evidence of a shooting. 

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Police are asking anyone who may have seen or recognized the truck to call Sergeant Dusty Dodge 719-240-1523, Detective Shawn Davis 719-240-0130, Detective Corey Purvis 719-320-6047, Captain Eric Bravo 719-320-6049, or Crime Stopper, 719-542-STOP.

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