Pueblo police enforcing speeding in school zones

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PUEBLO, Colo. - With all D-60 schools back in session, school zones are back in effect and the Pueblo Police Department is cracking down on speeders in those areas. 

As students pour in and out of class, Officer Loghan O'Hayre will be one of the officers making sure they're safe by speed checking drivers. 

"It presents a huge danger for these students that are trying to get to school safely," O'Hayre said. 

Wednesday afternoon O'Hayre was enforcing the 25 mph speed limit for the school zone near Carlile Elementary School, pulling two drivers over for going more than 9 miles an hour over the speed limit. 

"These school zones at the beginning of the year, it's kind of zero tolerance," O'Hayre said. "You need to understand school has started again, you need to pay attention to what you're doing." 

O'Hayre said speed has been a factor in many accidents in Pueblo recently. 

The enforcement's goal is to keep drivers in check throughout the year, so the unthinkable doesn't happen near any school in Pueblo.

"We hope that it continues on throughout the rest of the year and we don't have these major issues of people speeding through school zones, getting into accidents or possibly the worst is a child getting run over," O'Hayre said. 

While O'Hayre said more officers on the streets would make cutting down speeding in Pueblo a bit easier, he and other Pueblo police officers will continue their crackdown. 

"To see us in more spots, more times throughout the day it raises the awareness for the public," O'Hayre said. "You can see how accidents can be avoided if speed, just speed alone, is reduced." 


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