Pueblo South football coach up for NFL high school coach of the year

Ryan Goodard is going to the Pro Bowl

Pueblo South football coach up for...

State champion and now a possibly coach of the year. Ryan Goddard is heading to Orlando with a chance to win the NFL's Don Shula high school coach of the year award, "It's such a humbling experience when you start to think about hey, out of all the coaches in Colorado, you were selected," says Goddard.

The award is for coaching excellence but he won't earn it on his own,"There's not too many times where you get to go step on a big stage and represent South high school on a national level," says Goodard.

Goddard's taking the entire Pueblo community with him in spirit. The same community that continues to celebrate the Colts first ever football championship,"There's not many places I can go around town or our players can go around town right now without still the community congratulating us," says Goddard.

If he is named as one of the two finalists, South will receive a ten thousand dollar grant, short of counting any un-hatched chickens, Goddard says the money will go to good use, "We're in need of a lot of things for our program equipment-wise and those types of things and that'll always be the case, equipment is not cheap. I'm not going to go buy t-shirts with it I can guarantee you that - but something that'll last for our program and make us better," says Goodard.

At the very least, it's a well-earned vacation on the NFL's dime for both Coach Goddard and his wife, "Like I told my wife - it's going to be a get-away with her husband and a get-away from her husband at the same time. It'll probably be the best thing for her."

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